My first *real* couchsurfing experience

I used to be a member of hospitalityclub a few years ago, but did not have the option of hosting anyone. I only showed some people around town. drunk a coffee or two, etc. Time flew, I was engaged in other activities and totally forgot about it.

But then, I heard about CouchSurfing.com. It seems it's the new trend in international hospitality.

So I signed up, a few months ago, completed my profile and waited. Nothing really happened until less than a month ago, when I got not one but two requests for this week!

So here I am, hosting a Dutch vegan couple of artists!
It's a really great experience, feeling you are helping some one, for free, just for the fun and goodness of it.

My guests are great, and that helps a lot, but the whole couchsurfing/hospitality club etc initiative is a really wonderful idea. At first, I thought my parents (who live upstairs) would not like the idea of me hosting two strangers. But when I talked about the Couchsurfing thingy, well they were really touched. Such communities restore your faith in humanity -and I have to admit mine is in a very bad shape.

[Note to self:]Maybe I should try and travel a bit, now that I got started in actually living the CS reality. [Note to others:] I suggest that you do the same, to everyone who might ever read this. You should host, too. If you get your facts straight from the beginning, all you need to spare is a couch, an air mattress, or even your floor. It doesn't cost you anything, and it really pays off.

PS. I've read that some people are dissatisfied with couchsurfing.com and propose alternatives. If you want to be extra informed, maybe you should check opencouchsurfing and bewelcome, too.

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